Ramadan Kareem

Title: Ramadan Kareem
Release Date: 02/20/2024
Published by: HarperCollins
Contributors: M. O. Yuksel (Author), Hatem Aly (Illustrator)
Genre: Picture Book
Pages: 40
ISBN13: 9780063240124
From M. O. Yuksel and Hatem Aly, the acclaimed creators of the award-winning In My Mosque, comes Ramadan Kareem—a delightful, diverse celebration of Ramadan around the world. Don’t miss this modern classic that celebrates the emotions and joy of this important holiday.

Come in and experience the sacred traditions of Ramadan, the Islamic month of mercy and blessings, with children and families from across the globe. From waking up early for suhoor and fasting from dawn to dusk to praying and preparing an iftar meal to be shared, Ramadan is a time of increased spirituality, gratitude, charity, and empathy for all.

With warm, lyrical text from M. O. Yuksel and richly detailed artwork from New York Times bestselling illustrator Hatem Aly, this is a must-have book that invites readers to enjoy the wonder of Ramadan. The book also includes easy-to-understand back matter and fun, interactive elements.

Praise for Ramadan Kareem

An exceptionally warm and illuminating celebration. Muslim children around the world observe and celebrate Ramadan in this uplifting, joy-filled picture book. Rich in color, detail, and storytelling, Aly’s dynamic digital illustrations capture ethnically diverse Muslims of all ages coming together to pray, perform acts of kindness, and savor communal feasts. Booklist, STARRED REVIEW
A celebratory, tender picture book that reflects how the holy month of Ramadan is honored by Muslims around the world. Yuksel pairs these shared values of Ramadan with culturally specific language for loved ones and foods, reflecting the diversity of the Muslim community. Aly’s illustrations fill each page with colors and patterns that emanate excitement and care as families share meals, visit the market, gather for prayer, prepare donations, cook, and set the table together. Verdict: A beautiful follow-up to the award-winning collaboration to IN MY MOSQUE, this book reflects the diversity of Muslim communities around the world while uplifting the shared principles of the holy month of Ramadan School Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW
Fantastic, festive, and vibrant. Yuksel’s refreshing take centers children’s experiences during Ramadan and the holiday that follows it, Eid al-Fitr. Descriptions of the children’s hunger pangs, their relief at breaking their fast, and their gratitude for their blessings perfectly capture their perspective. The author emphasizes sensory experiences, such as the smell of kofta, the sound of the call to prayers, and the cozy feeling of curling up on Abuela’s lap to read the Quran. Aly’s cheerful, energetic illustrations pair beautifully with the text to convey the joyous spirit of Ramadan, with bright colors and depictions of Islamic art and architecture. Kirkus Reviews
The collaborators behind In My Mosque cross continents and countries to celebrate Ramadan’s joys and traditions in this painstakingly detailed book. Yuksel’s sensate prose conveys specific practices and experiences, especially the wait for iftar, while Aly’s energetic illustrations draw on culturally specific Islamic art and architecture, imparting the season’s tenets and its communal feel. Publisher's Weekly

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